The voucher (also known as promotional codes, discount codes, promocode, coupon or discount coupons), are strings of alphanumeric text very similar to a password, which reserve certain conditions of purchase from our online store. Examples of discount codes are: PROMO34_CC, SCONTO_H21, JhvVKYee and similar strings. 

The purpose of a discount code may be different: to ensure a fixed discount or a percentage of the cost, offer free shipping, the order include a free gift, etc ...

For every purchase made ​​on the site or at the shop will receive, along with the goods, a VOUCHER that will entitle you to a discount of 10% of the value of your spending! VOUCHER WILL TRANSFER TO THIRD PARTIES OR COMBINED WITH OTHER VOUCHER!

Terms and Conditions VOUCHER ilMioKMzero.it

The vouchers are generally valid for one year from date of issue (but check what is written on the voucher). Are accessible for all orders over the value of the voucher, plus shipping expenses. Where indicated are combined with VPA voucher number. I've never divisible. I am always presentable by next purchase. They are expendable exclusively at ilMioKMzero.it - Sangiorgio Ltd. and usable only once. They are never refundable. Where indicated are transferable.

Loyalty Points

In addition to receiving a voucher for each purchase, if your spending you can do it online, you accumulate Loyalty Points.
Every euro spent is equivalent to 1 loyalty point. You can convert them off as soon as you have earned 400 points. The points will accumulate with all products, even the most discounted! But you are not obliged to use them right away, Loyalty Points do not expire. You can accumulate them and use them again later.

The points are awarded once the product has been delivered, shall be canceled if the order is canceled or rendered entirely, are reduced if the order is made partially.

But how much savings?

400 points are equivalent to 12 € discount, every extra point corresponds to 0,03 € discount!



Need more information on the Voucher or Loyalty Points? Go to the contact page of our site to send us an email!